Secret of the Ooze

 I remember the first time I saw it.

I squirted my daughter with a rubber ducky and a chunk of black gunk stuck to her belly. Since then it’s become a common experience, squeeze the bath toy and hope that the water that comes out is clean.

I had no idea what the stuff was. I assumed it was dirt or the remnants of the hard water that our home has. I did some searching online and found what I ultimately suspected, the black slime is mold.

Now that I have this knowledge I’m not sure what to do with it. Is there a magical way to clean out these toys or once they get the Black Plague? Do you just toss them? So far we’ve kept them. I have a feeling this may change when my wife reads this but the kids like them and I can’t imagine there being any real health danger with this tiny amount of mold.

At least until little sister gets to them, she’s a bath water drinker.

Do you have any tips for keeping bath toys clean and keeping the mold out?


5 thoughts on “Secret of the Ooze

  1. Mix up a solution vinegar and water and fill the toy with it. When the toys brought back in service script of vinegar and water solution out amd fill the toy with bathwater. Repeat the cycle after every use. If the problem presists increase the vinegar in the solution.


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